Rotary Club of 
Service above Self
Officially,   the   Rotary   Club   of   Silver   City   was   formed   in   1923,   but   the   oldest   available   picture   of   club   membership   dates   to   1937.   Club members   shown   are:   (Standing,   left   to   right)   Harold   Kelsey,   Fred   Parrish,   Clyde   Ely,   John   O’Leary,   Dr.   Arthur   Gill,   Seth   Larson,   T.A.   Shutte, George   Johnson,   Jack   Wilson,   Ross   Calvin.   (Sitting,   left   to   right)   Frank   Parrish,   Fred   Smith,   Julius   Becker   (visiting),   Jack   Amy,   Dr.   Nate Frazin, Melvin Porterfield Sr., Bob Noble, Hadden W. James, J. Vernon Glenn, Milton Stovall.
The Club was chartered on November 2, 1923   CHARTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS:   President - Earl Sprague, Physician, NM Cottage Sanatorium VIE-PRESIDENT - A.O. Bowden, President, NM Normal University SECRETARY - William R. Warner Insurance Agent & Forest Ranger TREASURER - E.A. Woodhull, Editor of the Silver City Enterprise SERGEANT-AT-ARMS - William Murray, Merchant, store in Central   CHARTER MEMBERS:   Harry E. Bassett, Ford auto dealer John H. Blackwell, book and jewelry store owner Frank B. Brewer, physician, executive officer, Fort Bayard W.S. Cox, hardware store and mortuary owner James B. Gilchrist, banker, cattleman, banker, engineer Roland A. Laird, house painter Don W. Lusk, newspaperman, editor Raymond B. Ryan, lawyer, district judge John Schadel, bakery owner A.D. Seitzler, saddle maker Frederick Winn, forest supervisor Ira L. Wright, mining engineer More history is represented by the following listing of club presidents since 1923 and, in the case of recent years, some Rotary activities during those years: 2017-18 President: Joe Heidrick A successful Auction was held in October and raised about $32,000, with $9,700 going to each of the following beneficiaries Life Quest, the Gila Valley Library, and the Silver City Gospel Mission. Our End Polio reception in early November raised over $2,000 for Polio Plus. We received a Community Grant from the District for a Water Catchment project at the Volunteer Center’s Commons. 2016-17 President: Suzanne Kavanagh The Club worked on preparations for the Auction to be held in October. $1,500 college scholarships were awarded to Maryssa Young and Raelynn Botello. In addition, two WNMU students received $1,000 scholarships from the WNMU Rotary Scholarship Fund. Donations from our club to The Rotary Foundation amounted to $12,729 for the past year. The second Murder Mystery Dinner raised over $2,200 split evenly between the Silver City Community Theater and the Silver City Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund. The End Polio Reception in October raised $3,000, which with matching funds from the Gates Foundation and the District added up to about $10,000. We received a $2,000 Community Grant from the District for the School Gardens Project, and participated in the construction of equipment for the school gardens. Hosted Swiss Rotary Youth Exchange Student Felicitas Zehnder for half a year. 2015-16 President: Leslie Bush Membership increased to 33 active members.
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